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Fiberdeck  adjustable shade

The WEO® outdoor brise soleil reduces the discomfort of sun exposure and lets natural light into spaces without heat. It is a contemporary architectural element that allows people to enjoy sunlight. Exterior brise-soleil, Pare-soleil and HQE buildings require little energy thanks to their designed brise-soleil, called sun screens. These sunscreens regulate the amount of solar radiation entering a building. In addition, sunshades are often used in the design of commercial and residential buildings. Sun protection profiles have no functional purpose in buildings; they are merely decorative. They can be used in any ERP, tertiary building, housing or individual house. No fire resistance rating is applicable with these profiles. The wood look of the outdoor brise soleil retains amazingly colorful intense colors for 20 years without fading. In addition, its co-extruded protection , the WEO® outdoor shading makes a remarkable advantage over other similar materials. These wood composite materials are coated with a thin layer of UV-resistant polymer like WEO® wood extruded objects. The building maintains a stable appearance and requires little maintenance thanks to the Fiberdeck exterior sunshade. WEO® wood-coloured brise-soleils are available in Teak and Ipe options. The WEO® brise-soleil range consists of two distinct components: a wooden profile and an aluminum profile. The wooden component has a rectangular shape and is made of composite wood. The aluminum component is 2 millimeters thick and is sized according to the chosen profile. The options are 20x30, 40x40 and 50x50 millimeters. By using an aluminum reinforcement, the bending displacement of the profile can be reduced to less than 1.5 mm. This is due to the material's ability to absorb bending forces between two support points.


With the aluminum panels included, the WEO® outdoor shading is always delivered. The maximum overhang for vertical installation is 50 centimeters. Tracks should not be spaced more than 3 meters apart for vertical installation.

horizontal shading

The outdoor sun riser has a rail that can be installed horizontally with a maximum center distance of 1.5 meters. In addition, overlaps cannot exceed 50 centimeters. WEO® Brise-Soleils can be fixed to a wooden or metal wall using self-drilling screws or stainless steel rivets. The screws must be inserted into the aluminum tube with the supplied profile . These stainless steel screws must have a diameter of at least 5 mm. Finally, rivets with a diameter of 4.8 mm can be used.

The simplest wooden sunshade

WEO® Brise-Soleils can be attached to metal or concrete walls using stainless steel brackets. Fixing the connection point of the WEO® profile to the aluminum tube is always necessary. Brackets are attached to stainless steel bolts and cap nuts or stainless steel rivets. The Brise-Soleil brackets allow the façade panel to be positioned at different angles. The WEO® Brise-Soleil offers two colors of cups in the same material for a sleek look. Additionally, other caps in matching colors and materials are available. (see available stock) The application of a sealant to the ends of the profiles is recommended when finishing the copings. The cap must be positioned inside the tube.
Request a sample of your wooden brise soleil  via the contact form and receive your sample as soon as possible. Our team of professionals will accompany you and carry out the development of your projects.
To discover more documentation on the installation of the outdoor sunscreen, go to the technical sheets of the WEO® outdoor sunscreen by fiberdeck by clicking here

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